Acts of God Showing The Time Is At Hand

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We must always remember that in everything happen in our society, there is always a reason behind it. There was a root cause of every action that we make and everything we see in our surroundings. So it made a recall into my mind the lines of a song by Cascades as it goes: There’s a reason for snowfall/ a reason why a tree’s tall/ a reason why a star is bright/ a reason why the moon glows/ a reason why the wind blows/ a reason why it’s dark at night/ but I don’t know why I should cry/ just because you said goodbye/ there must be a reason/ I’d like to know why/ oh, why, oh, I’d like to know. So there are really reasons behind everything in existence. On the other hand, God allows actualities to take place sometimes because He wants to teach us a lesson. Always…

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