The Healing Water

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izumio comparison

Did you know that there are places in the world wherein its people are living above 100 years of age? People in Tlacote, Mexico, in Badenbaden, Germany, in Hunza, Pakistan, in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in Lourdes, France and in Hita Tenryosui, Japan primarily eat organic fruits and vegetables mostly raw. Second their source of livelihood is from manual organic farming methods. They perspire a lot and third their water is very alkaline due to abundance of macro and trace minerals. Science and medicine have been seeking and studying the healing waters of this places for many decade particularly eccentric and genius doctor like Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Graciela Camps Salaberry of Montevideo General Hospital in Mexico and Drs. Sanitaka Hirahata and Videmitsu Hayashi of Japan.

Tap water contains chlorine which causes anneurism and other serious diseases. It also causes bone diseases. Distilled water is clean, contains no bacteria, rust or mildew but…

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