The Healing Water

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Did you know that there are places in the world wherein its people are living above 100 years of age? People in Tlacote, Mexico, in Badenbaden, Germany, in Hunza, Pakistan, in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in Lourdes, France and in Hita Tenryosui, Japan primarily eat organic fruits and vegetables mostly raw. Second their source of livelihood is from manual organic farming methods. They perspire a lot and third their water is very alkaline due to abundance of macro and trace minerals. Science and medicine have been seeking and studying the healing waters of this places for many decade particularly eccentric and genius doctor like Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Graciela Camps Salaberry of Montevideo General Hospital in Mexico and Drs. Sanitaka Hirahata and Videmitsu Hayashi of Japan.

Tap water contains chlorine which causes anneurism and other serious diseases. It also causes bone diseases. Distilled water is clean, contains no bacteria, rust or mildew but it is dead water. PH is acid and contains no more minerals due to distillation and reverse osmosis. Our present drinking water contains no negative active hydrogen anymore due to distillation, global warming and pollution. 99% of what we are drinking today is hydrogen-poor water because it lacks active negative hydrogen. so, if active hydrogen and oxygen is left, our water becomes oxidant. That’s the reason why we have skin wrinkles, our car rusts, paints fade away, our leather shoes cracks. Hydrogen will change free radicals into harmless substances. It is a fact that hydrogen is one of the most indispensable element of our life.


The best kind of water to date is a water that will reduce or combat essential diseases. Dietary recipe cannot be excellent if property of water is not taken into consideration by chronically sick patients. That is more negative active hydrogen with positive hydrogen and oxygen has to be present in our drinking water. The hydrogen water produce by electrolysis using silica hydrite or manganese and other minerals that is why the PH level is similar to our human body PH which is 7.4 hydrogen now be produced by electrolitically reduced water structure using a patented device. 

Now, with hydrogen water, it is able to neutralized our body acidity and hydrogen acts as powerful anti-oxidant. It changes water structure for optimum absorption of mineral and hydrogen. Drinking hydrogen water offers a host of health benefits as it purifies and detoxifies toxins, hydrates body cells and improves energy level. Drinking hydrogen water frequently will free you from chronic diseases as well as pathological agents. Hydrogen being in gas can reach the remote cells of our body which medicine cannot do.


The hydrogen water is suitable for babies, children, adults and pregnant women. It is much advantageous to sick patients. Please drink eight glasses daily or an average of eight liters daily to obtain optimum health. Once the container has been opened, the hydrogen water evaporates off easily so close the cap immediately. Please consume your electrolized-reduced water immediately as hydrogen gas dissipates quickly. So pour it and drink it immediately. It should be stored at room temperature or much better to refrigerate it. Seal the bottle cover once you pour it into a glass of water. It is much better to use drinking glass with dispenser to avoid hydrogen evaporation. Heat and exposure to sunlight will dissolve hydrogen so never store a container of hydrogen water in a very hot room! “The amount of anti-oxidant you maintain your body will be directly proportional to how long you will live “, said Dr. Richard Cuttler.

There are seven important roles of hydrogen water in the body namely:

1. It restores and maintains the important proper balance of acidity/ alkalinity.

2. It makes a better carrier of nutrients and better penetrating agent in the body.

3. Negatively ionized hydrogen is a very potent and successful anti-oxidant to counter free radicals.

4. Hydrogen will create a biological terrain wherein harmful microbes such as yeast, bacteria, viruses and parasites cannot exist.

5. Negative hydrogen will enhance virtually all metabolic activities such as enzymes, hormones, liver, heart and nerve functions.

6. Hydrogen will carry oxygen into the blood cells. It will avoid blood clumping which causes heart failure avoiding blood cells sticking to each other.

7. Negative hydrogen will prolong life similar to places like Tlacote, Mexico; in Hunza, Pakistan; in Lourdes, France; in Vilcabamba, Ecuador; in  Badenbaden, Germany; and in Japan as well.

So drinking hydrogen water will improve our health, repair damaged tissue, reduce pain, increase energy and reverse the aging process.

More to come, God willing.


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