Our Health Between Life and Death With Daily Intake Part 2


HEALTHY OBESITY? The research by scientists at University College London is the longest of its kind, and its findings support previous research that has shown people who are overweight face a higher risk of heart attack, stroke and some kinds of cancer than thin people as the years go on.

For the purpose of the research, “healthy obesity” was defined as not having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or other metabolic risk factors. A total of 2,521 men and women between the ages of 39 and 62 were followed for the study that measured their body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose and insulin resistance. A total of 181 participants were initially classified as obese, including 66 who were considered “healthy obese”. 

By the time the two decades had passed, just over half of the healthy obese people had become unhealthy obese. 

“Healthy obesity is a high-risk state with serious implications for disease risk”, said lead study author Joshua Bell.    


MONOSODIUM GLUMATE. Vetsin, Ajinomoto ginisa mix, Maggi/Knorr broth cubes, junkfoods, chicharon 


ISOPROPHYL ALCOHOL. Use ethyl alcohol 

TALCUM POWDER. Use corn starch powder 


ASPARTAME. Equal, Nutra Sweet, Sweet and Low, Spoonful, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, Diet Sarsi, Mang Tomas sauces, sugar-free Goldilocks, ensaymada bread, Tang juices, Eight o’clock juice, Zest-O, Nestle iced tea, Ladies’ Choice mayonnaise.

download (1)

MARGARINE. Star margarine, Dairy Creme, Magnolia buttercup

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FIBERGLASS CHOPPING BOARD. Use wooden chopping board and remove its sawdust periodically with sandpaper.

SPONGE DISHWASHER. Use ordinary used clothes and change it weekly.


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POLISHED RICE. Use red or brown rice

REFINED FLOUR. Use whole wheat breads

REFINED SUGAR. Use mascovado or coconut sugar, for diabetics use Stevia sugar.

PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE. Alkaseltzer, Dimetapp, Robitussin, Dexatrim, Bioflu, Neozep, Sinutab, Decolgen

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METHYLSALICILATE. Bengay, Oil of Wintergreen, Vicks vaporub, Katingco, Omega balm, Whiteflower

BHA AND BHT. Advil, Cheerios, Kellog’s corn flakes, lipsticks 

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REAMLESS READING GLASSES. Do not use under the sun.

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS. Use cotton diapers

FLU VACCINE. If contains the following: carbolic acid ( phenol), formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, ethylene glycol

UNSANITARY MENSTRUAL NAPKIN. It was made out of garbage paper with many bad bacteria. Use FC Bio sanitary pads, the first and only herbal sanitary pad that is good for treating menstrual problems, urinary tract infections (UTI), almoranas, prostate problems, boils, cyst, tumor, skin problems, itchiness and skin rashes, fever, etc. No more salonpas, Kool Fever, or costly medical operations. These are proven made from organic source.

This is the second installment in a series of things we must consider before consuming it for healthy living.

And still there’s more.


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