Our Health Between Life and Death With Daily Intake Part 3

As we continue to enrich our minds with the food and items that might put our health between life and death with daily intake or being part with our physical activities, let us remain curious for the concluding part of this very interesting topic concerning our health and wellness.

AVOID APPLES, GRAPES, AND PONKAN. If imported, eat locally grown fruits like dalandan, lanzones, kaimito, atis or sugar apple, and other native alternatives. There are reports recently about imported apples not to be consumed at this moment whether it be Granny Smith, Enza, Gala, etc. because many people have died mostly from the United States of America (USA) because they contain harmful bacteria known as listeria that can cause serious and life-threatening illnesses. All apples will be collected and be sent back to the USA for further investigation.

Listeriosis-or-Listeria-final food-poisoning_1 images (3)

BABY WIPES. It contains mercury or thimesoral

MOSQUITO REPELLING. Use eucalyptus plant or citronella repelling lotion.

DEODORANT. It contains aluminum.

Is your deodorant toxic

NGANGA OR BETEL NUT. Apog or agricultural lime is very bad for your health.


BAGOONG. Use chili sauce.

TINAPA AND BALUT. It contains many harmful bacteria.




UNAGED ALCOHOL. Gin, lambanog, White Castle, Emperador, Gran Matador, Tanduay Rhum, beer, vodka


3 in 1 COFFEE. Use any kind of teas, no sugar, likeTaheebo, banaba, lemongrass, sambong, bignay, talisay, chamomile, cornsilk

COMMERCIAL HAIR DYE. It can cause anaphylactic shock. Use organic hair dye.


GIANT PEANUT FROM TAIWAN. It was produced as genetically modified organism.

GROWERS/ HOLIDAY PEANUTS. Use native small peanuts.

OREO AND CHIPS AHOY COOKIES. These are produced under radiation.

PRODUCTS FROM DOLE AND DEL MONTE. Its products like pineapple, banana, suha, papaya, that were processed under radiation.

REFINED OR IODIZED SALT. It has no good minerals. Use sea salt or rock salt.

CUP NOODLES. Lucky Me, Nissin cup, etc.




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