PDU30 First 100 Days:Show them and make them taste a blow from the arm of the law – Mr. Controversy X


bro-eli-soriano-pres-rodrigo-duterteFirst of all, let me share with you some highlights on the blogs of Mr. Controversy Extraordinary about President Rodrigo Roa Duterte especially his waging war against illegal drugs and the corruption in government that started to gain ground. Let us once more recall some of the most remarkable quotations by the most sensible preacher of our time as tribute to the first 100 days of President Duterte since he took his oath of office.

“Killings, Injustice, and God’s Whereabouts” 


I should say that at the initiative of the President, to fight criminality, drugs, and corruption, (that I believe is long overdue) we have realized how the tentacles of corruption have gripped almost all sectors of Philippine society! It is unimaginable, for example, that at the maximum level of the correctional institution of the Philippines or the National Bilibid Prison, corruption and all forms of evil have established its “nests”…

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