PDU30 First 100 Days:Show them and make them taste a blow from the arm of the law – Mr. Controversy X


First of all, let me share with you some highlights on the blogs of Mr. Controversy Extraordinary about President Rodrigo Roa Duterte especially his waging war against illegal drugs and the corruption in government that started to gain ground. Let us once more recall some of the most remarkable quotations by the most sensible preacher of our time as tribute to the first 100 days of President Duterte since he took his oath of office.

“Killings, Injustice, and God’s Whereabouts” 



I should say that at the initiative of the President, to fight criminality, drugs, and corruption, (that I believe is long overdue) we have realized how the tentacles of corruption have gripped almost all sectors of Philippine society! It is unimaginable, for example, that at the maximum level of the correctional institution of the Philippines or the National Bilibid Prison, corruption and all forms of evil have established its “nests” where eggs of every form of shamelessness are being hatched everyday! Recent events bared that the NBP is “home” to the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs, the very cause of the conviction of the very people who are residents of this “supposed” arm of justice! It has even turned out to be a coliseum for very much attended but unpublicized concerts and shows, and a haven for highly paid prostitutes!

Then suddenly things came to a turn to expose all these. The President’s initiative revealed many unexpected forms of evil in government and society! The number of drug pushers, dealers, and users is unprecedented! Fortunately, this paved the way for some addicts and pushers to fear the arm of justice. I know this to be true because I am privy to some of them!

It is my conviction that this is unprecedented – this nest of criminal activities and tangle of prison liberties – because these activities and subjects either wittingly or unwittingly were not allowed, permitted, pampered or protected by those in authority! Who knows but the Almighty. I believe the President is doing justice to the Filipino people in his initiative to fight criminality, drugs, and corruption. But it is possible that in the fight for justice, injustice may be working also. In seeking for the truth, God ordains before judgment is handed down, the testimony of two or three credible witnesses. Not all witnesses are credible. Some, especially the corrupted, are incredible!

That explains why we can never be sure of the one hundred (100%) percent truth. For this, the last judgment belongs to God! The Bible tells about the basis of these judgments as according to the fruit of one’s doings, as He alone can search the heart. Who knew if the alleged “extrajudicial killings” are true? Who knew if they are “extra-criminal killings,” meaning that the criminals themselves are killing one another to cover up their crimes?! The President in national television uttered some pronouncements that for me are unfortunate –

“When a one-year-old, an 18-month-old baby is taken from the mother’s arms, brought under a Jeep and raped, and killed, where is God? And in Syria women and children, who don’t want to have sex with ISIS, they are burned. So where’s God? My God, where are you?”

On a recent speech to police officers about illegal drugs and a set of rules to deal with drug criminals, the President said –

“Maybe God doesn’t want all these killings. But never mind; God is not my enemy. I’ll talk to him when I get there…I’ll ask him, ‘If you are really God, you didn’t do anything, and the Filipinos are going crazy.’”

Duterte declared he believes in God but His existence has been a never-ending question for him because of the endless agony observed all around. When people lack fear and disrespect the law, death penalty is it, he said. “I have always been a hardliner when it comes to the penal laws,” he added.

I was consoled some when he said, “I believe in God, but…” I can imagine the feeling and the thinking of the President embattled left and right with criticisms and international misconceptions of biased media. The “but” in the President’s statement, I believe needs enlightenment from the word of God that I will discuss in the next issue of this blog.

“Fake News and Compromising Scoops Sacrifice Truth”

I believe that the term “responsible journalism” and “investigative journalism” became suggestive from what was commonly disdained among journalists who are irresponsible and are whisperers/talebearers/gossipers. Gossips are very sellable. They make the broadsheets and tabloids attractive to buy. As the Bible said, they are like “delicious morsels.”

One ingredient of irresponsible journalism is the indirect but apparent intentional intrigues created by the so-called “journalist” in his futile mind. The Bible says so, there are inventors of evil. Let us take the case of President Rody Duterte. It appeared that the cancellation of the planned meeting with President Obama was directly caused by the intrigues created by local and international journalists. If they practiced selective perception in their presentation of news, it is because of wanting to scoop. Beginning with the expression, “putang ina mo,” they had it translated as an address to mean Duterte is calling Barak Obama as “son of a whore,” when all the time it is the same as the American common expression of “sonamabitch” (son of a bitch) or “sonamagan” (son of a gun) that is merely an expression of anger or disgust.

We know in law and in the daily conversations among Filipinos that the expression “putang ina mo” is an expression of frustration common among Filipino communities. It is most frequently used not to defame the mother of the person being mentioned but to express frustration and sometimes as an expression of camaraderie among friends. I say “in law” because no less than the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines ruled that the use of the phrase “putang ina mo” does not always mean cursing the mother of the recipient of such connotation.

In its en banc decision written by Justice Querube Makalintal (who later served as Chief Justice from 1973 to 1975), the Supreme Court declared: “’Putang ina mo’ is a common enough expression in the dialect that is often employed, not really to slander but rather to express anger or displeasure. It is seldom, if ever, taken in its literal sense by the hearer, that is, as a reflection on the virtues of a mother. http://www.rigobertotiglao.com/2016/09/09/supreme-court-ruling-putang-ina-mo-doesnt-mean-your-mother-is-a-whore/
Imagine calling the President “tough-talking,” “foul-mouthed,” “trash talking,” that foreign media began to pick up from local news to cast doubt on the integrity of the person of our President.

What about false news? A TV station said, Obama was able to shake hands with everyone at the ASEAN summit except Duterte. These practices compromise the President.

I am not defending the President. I am speaking as a sensible preacher of the word of God by norms, in law and logic, especially that in the Bible, one must judge not only according to what he has heard.

I am not saying that the President must not be criticized. But my point is journalists must be fair and impartial. Subjecting an innocent person through irresponsible journalism is public trial and condemnation!

Our country may have laws protecting freedom of speech and publication, but by all means practice fairness. Tell the truth and nothing but. When you style your slants, do not restructure quotations with scoops in your mind at the expense of your subject. Consider the context.

When full transcripts of speeches made by Duterte are read, that is the only time one can understand what happened, whether the journalist said it right or not. But how many of the readers can get to read full transcripts?

The ball is yours. You, journalists, owe it to the community to do your work right!

“Judging the Killings: Not to Blame Duterte but Sum up the Truth”
Judging with fairness and justice is based on facts, reality, and logic. History will testify that among those difficult cases being resolved by human justice, most frequently, logic, reality and facts contribute together to sum up what the truth is. There is an international outcry about what are allegedly extra-judicial killings in Duterte’s war against illicit drugs. I say “allegedly” because these are not considered a fact.

Meanwhile, may I remind the media to be careful in their use of words. “Extra-judicial killings” must mean that the ones doing the killings are people in power!

It is most certainly lopsided to term “extra-judicial killing” in killings done by the criminals themselves!

How unfair it can be to attribute all the killings that happened since May 10 of this year to the administration of the seating President. Journalists must practice a sense of delicadeza in attributing to anybody any wrongdoing in society. Personally, I believe that all the killings that started since May 10 must not be imputed on the Duterte administration.

It is constitutionally clear and precise that Duterte took the reigns of power only on the last day of June of this year. How could anyone in his proper state of logic, conscience and mind, think that those who were killed in the last regime are to be blamed on the government of President Duterte? Isn’t this the implication we get from reports of both local and international press today? If one cannot reckon the beginning – and the time boundaries – very certainly he cannot also be sure of what will be the end. There are many avenues that can be considered in order to arrive at the surest point of justice and equity. Surely the shortest line between two distances is between two exact points that run as straight as possible from one to the other.

A point to start with is, could it be that criminals who are being hunted now by the Duterte administration are killing one another in order to protect their own interest!?

Could it be that there are killings that happened mainly because the police enforcers are trying to defend the constitution, or the order of their commander-in-chief, and their own lives!?

Could it be that there are those who run amok because there is no future for their vices and illegal activities under the Duterte administration? And could it be that they just wanted to implicate others, even the innocent!?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then it is illogical to blame and count the numbers of those who were killed and have died from May 10 to this day to the Duterte administration. How stupid can one be!!! How could you lump the numbers and attribute it to one and only one cause? Worse, you go forward and term them as “extra-judicial killings.”

We know scientifically and logically that drug addicts are persons considered to be out of control, even by themselves. One way to help them is to show them and make them taste a blow from the arm of the law. I repeat: show them and make them taste a blow from the arm of the law.

If they will see that pushers and users are being prosecuted and not tolerated, they would think twice in pursuing their vices that are most certainly stupid. Punishment is a deterrent to crime. We have a very strong fiber in the fabric of Philippine jurisprudence that is called “human rights.” It is also a part of the law of the land that while there are clear clauses that protect animals, there is no law or section nor article in the constitution that provides that to protect animal life, we have to sacrifice the life of a human being.

“MCGI and Duterte’s Fight Against Illegal Drugs”
Recent news and developments prove that the drug menace have had infested considerable sections of the Philippine society. The surrender of thousands of drug users and pushers, the death of around 103 suspected criminals with drug related activities, and the involvement of 5 high ranking police officers in the illegal drug trade, are clear indications that President Rody Duterte was right when he declared to wage war against illicit drug trade. Duterte was inaugurated as the Philippines’ 16th president at noontime, June 30 of this year, promising, “change is coming.”

According to a report in Asian Journal by Eric Anthony Licas (“The Pres. Duterte effect: Thousands of drug pushers, users surrender,” July 6, 2016) –

Almost 1,400 alleged criminals surrendered to the authorities in Quezon City, Taguig, Pasay and San Juan, two days after the president officially took office on June 30. In Leyte, Sarangani, Rizal and Pampanga, over 1,100 people turned themselves in to police. Prior to Duterte’s inauguration, more than 200 people from Agusan del Sur and Sarangani had also submitted themselves to police custody in June.

In a related development, close to 4,000 suspects as drug pushers and users packed an auditorium on Saturday, July 9, in Tagum City around 80 kilometers from Davao, where Duterte served as mayor for two decades, police said. (http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/07/09/16/thousands-of-drug-pushers-users-in-biggest-surrender-under-duterte) Scientifically, rehabilitation to bring back the normal physiological condition of a human being cannot be done overnight! There must be a firm and continuing process to normalize the mind, the perception, the fears, and feelings of a drug addict. To be addicted to prohibited drugs is just like putting everything into disarray and disorder.

Is there hope? The human body is an adaptable organism. Its capability to adapt to any given situation is a natural process of survival, but it is prone to act and do the opposite. It is much like when the body’s immune system turns out to be doing the opposite, causing autoimmune diseases of the body like psoriasis, rheumatism, and such like.

What I am saying is, rehabilitation, if not impossible, is very difficult without the serious concern of the victim and the people around him! Caring for a drug addict is just like and at times much difficult than caring for a baby where you must go back to where “zero” begins! In caring for a baby, you can start at zero!

I believe we need these intangible and tangible tools for the work of rehabilitation: Compassion, concern, love, patience, understanding, and faith in the Creator of life.

One rehabilitated person is just like two lives saved if he is married, or three or five lives saved if he is with children, or a big family, or just like an entire nation or society saved, and in our case the entire Philippines saved.

For this, we, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) are one with our President and the entire police establishment in the country for this great task of rebuilding our beloved nation. We are willing to help with our prayers, with our pockets (though we have little), with our programs in television and in radio, to disseminate information and counseling in areas where they are needed.

“President Rodrigo Duterte and Power that God Allows”
After everything has been said and done, after all criticisms and praises, and flattering from the public, whether they be genuinely felt or said just to impress and catch the attention of the now popular President, may I add something which I believe is the most important ingredient of peace, justice, and order. This is the fear of God and the help of God Almighty.

A respectful fear of the Lord comes as a natural consequence of knowing him. When one becomes aware he is accountable to someone greater than himself, he develops a kind of fear toward him whom he is accountable.

God said in the Bible that leaders rule under Him! Christ did not transgress any law in Israel but He was put to death because of envy and power struggle. His death came from the sentence of a corrupt leader of the Roman Empire. But in spite of the fact that, that government was not God-inspired, it was permitted by God to exist to make way for His divine purpose.

In the Philippines
I cannot say that the government of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was God-inspired nor was the government of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III because there were alleged corruptions that happened in those administrations – much like almost all regimes that ruled the Philippines for the last one hundred years.

I am thinking that under the government of Gloria Arroyo, I suffered the most persecution and injustice in all my life, not only because of her but also because of the most bitter of my religious enemies. I then hoped such injustice would be corrected in the government of then President Benigno Aquino III.

Though we cannot say that these two previous regimes were not God-inspired, I believe they were allowed by God to bring me to where I am now. Through the persecutions done in the time of Gloria Arroyo, I was forced to leave the country, go on exile and finally found myself preaching to thirsty souls of other nations, embracing the faith I have in the Lord Jesus Christ. Truth to tell, I have not imagined of this – in their proportions – even in my wildest dreams.

The New Government
What is in store and what can I say about the new government of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte? I felt the sincerity of him as I listened very attentively to the inaugural speech of the President. This is the first time in my life that the speech of a president touched my heart. While listening to him, I was asking God to help him. “God, please help this man,” was my prayer with tears in my eyes and with joy in my heart.

As he, himself, said it, President Duterte will not succeed without the help of the entire country. I believe so.

But there’s something very important that I would like to add: No leader will succeed without the help of God. In the Bible, there are some examples. Forsaken by his friends, deserted by most trusted aids, disowned even by his biological sons, David succeeded in leading Israel by the help of God. The President has said it was destiny that placed him where he is now and he has acknowledged God. Fear of Him and His help will see the President through.

May God bless you and help you, President Duterte! The entire membership of the Church of God International is rooting for you and ready to help in your quest for renewal. For the betterment of the entire Philippines, we will contribute our share in your call for change, with God’s help. With just a call or mere mention, let us know if there’s anything we can help you with. Thank you. Our prayers are with you.

The sincerity, frankness and lots of P.I. stands for President’s Initiative will be discussed in the next issue of this blog.
Still, there’s more in store for you.

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