Metamorphosis: Transformational Politics of Pres. Duterte and Breaking the Traditional Way

If I can remember it right, President Duterte said that he vows a ‘metamorphosis’ after his inauguration as Philippine’s 16th President, being true to his promise, “change is coming”.

 “There will be a metamorphosis of the mind. From being a caterpillar, it will blossom into a butterfly,” Duterte told reporters. 

“I am not yet President. But you just wait,” he added.

In biology, it defined metamorphosis as a change of form or function as a result of development; specif. the series of changes undergone by various animals from embryo to adult, as by an insect or frog. Its life cycle of changes from egg to winged beauty is one of the wonders of the natural world. Likewise, Duterte’s life cycle of changes from city mayor to chief executive of our country is one of the marvel of the political arena.

I would say that I am more pleased with his governance after 100 days in office. I focus my eyes on his incomparable accomplishments given that he was sworn into office a little over three months ago while I tend not to look on what comes out of his mouth.

The president’s concern for our OFW’s is something that endears him to Filipinos. The repatriation of our stranded workers in Saudi Arabia is a testament to Duterte’s concern for our people. The one-stop service center for them at the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency aimed at reducing transportation expenses and shortening the processing time for their documents speak of the chief executive’s good heart.

The discovery of the biggest shabu laboratory in the country shocked us all. If not uncovered, these could have destroyed our dreams, families and, ultimately, our country. How can we not be happy with a president who is fearless enough to finally put an end to this drug trade? In fact, Duterte tags former justice secretary Leila de Lima and other public officials to the so called drug matrix that happened in New Bilibid Prison.


President Duterte is also changing our country’s political landscape. What makes me rally behind him is the fact that he is challenging the current status quo where the oligarchs thrive and the common people suffer. We have been at the mercy of the oligarchs, and traditional politicians for the longest time, and he is not kissing their asses which I sincerely admire.

He has no other master but his own people. He is out to give a piece of paradise for the forgotten Filipinos. He wants to feel and see change and be hopeful – and so, we are hopeful. His leadership is not for the faint of heart. In this redefining moment, in our history, finally, here is a president who is making sure that his decisions serve up to the best interest of all Filipinos.

President Duterte has received a “very good” +64 net satisfaction rating at the end  of his first three months in office, according to a recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Station (SWS). The survey conducted from Sept. 24 to 27 and result of which was published in Business World found that 76 percent of 1,200 respondents were satisfied with the performance of the President since he assumed office on June 30, 2016. Except for former president Fidel Ramos, who obtained a +66 net satisfaction rating (70 percent satisfied, four percent dissatisfied) in September 1992, Duterte edged out the rating of all post-Marcos presidents in their first net satisfaction ratings after assuming office.


President Duterte marked the first 100 days of Agriculture sector under his leadership by handing out over P 100 million worth of farming equipment and machineries and fiberglass fishing boats to poor farmers and fishermen of Basilan Province.


A columnist once said that character is who we are even when no one is watching. In unguarded moments, it even spills out of one’s mouth. As our President for the next six years, all other qualities presumed to be the same, character will determine who should stand before the world to represent us, and among his people.

He might be the most unpresidential president. He even refuse to be exalted by the term “His Excellency” after his name. He was much pleased to just simply called him, “Mayor Rody”, and now as “Kuya Rody”. His haters and naysayers can criticized him for being uncouth, and for not being prim and proper. Nonetheless, they cannot question his sincerity and hard work. They can never associate the words “slothful”, “coward” and “apathetic” to his name. His hard work for the last couple of months is evident in the changes that we common masa, who constitute the bigger slice of our population, have felt since his first day in office. He serves to effect change in our country. He even educate the oldest of the politicians on what true public service is. While his political rivals waste their time disparaging the man in their never-ending press conferences and interviews, he hops from one military camp to another to assure our soldiers that their commander-in-chief supports them like a father, reminding them that their loyalty should be to the republic and not to him.



He is the only president I have seen in my life time who has the ability to command respect from our people coming from different religions and ideologies.. He is a unifying president. He is giving voice to our Muslim friends who have never experienced being on equal footing with us, Christians.

More to come.



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